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my latest crush 20


Adonna Khare





my latest crush 19

with a low cut, black, fitted, pinstripe suit..oh yes please..

latest crush 18

I met him on the Green line. Fondue and then the mambo…

latest crush 17

I do not know who made this shirt and it possibly came out of elle magazine…

Latest crush 16

Yes, yes..I know it’s not fall but a girl can dream can’t she..?

latest crush 15

Fitted Tux for her…Yes, Please!

latest crush 14

Yellow gold is not my thing but I DO love these bands….

latest crush 13

I love everything on this page..

latest crush 12

I just adore these shoes…

my latest crush 11

‘LAGUNITAS SUCKS HOLIDAY ALE BROWN SHUGGA SubSTITUTE’ should not be limited nor does it suck! IT ROCKS! I don’t usually write to beers but this stuff is nectar of the Gods if your in the mood for a heavy beer with hints of grapefruit??..

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