beantown haiku 245

there are just days /  it’s feast or famine / live in the now


beantown haiku 245


a dirty sunset / is still a sight to behold / ah and it is gone

beantown haiku 244



day in and day out / you grin and you kiss some ass / then drown it in beer

beantown haiku 243


letter to tuesday / what do you think you are, monday / the calendar blues

beantown haiku 242


seasons are changing / but there is still some beach time / get there while you can

beantown haiku 241

images (18)

6 days and counting / if you don’t like mystery / stay away from Subarus

beantown haiku 240


rain that falls like ice / will your plan cover the loss  / check your policy

beantown haiku 239

Brownie Cupcake 4just too hot to cook / go with a dessert instead / make it creamy cold

beantown haiku 238


avoiding the heat / do rejoice in refresments / ah it hits the spot

beantown haiku 237


pale blue summer sky / humid days and humid nights / hot time in boston

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